What we do


We start from the idea and end with the finished piece.

Passing through the technical design, and all the processing steps necessary to give our customers the best in terms of quality, in the shortest possible time.

Quick turnaround times:

The short space of time in which we can deliver a prototype to the customer (i.e. the basis for manufacturing the product) has always been our strong point.


Our customers can choose between various production methods (Heating forging, die-casting, high speed milling) and a range of materials (brass, zamak, steel) according to their specific needs.

Guaranteed project simulator

An innovative tool that simulates the distribution of the material in the mould, highlighting possible flaws and allowing us to modify the design before passing the project to the mechanical workshop.

Working power

We have a great deal of machinery and we continue to invest in order to ensure our technology is always state of the art.

The finishes, our pride

Our automatic galvanising systems have been renewed to provide the highest quality to the fashion sector, a world in which quantities, sizes, shapes, thicknesses and finishes must be customised
Therefore, we are able to offer products that can be adapted to every need.  

In the painting department too, our constant investment in research means today we can offer efficient production in step with the times.

PVD, the flagship

Metalplus ‘s PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) department is the result of a meticulous focus on sustainability:  
we produce hypoallergenic and biocompatible coatings  
in Titanium, Zirconium and Chrome, with almost no environmental impact.
The PVD system also allows us to create innovative colours, which are not achievable with traditional systems,  
and guarantees excellent results in terms of hardness, chemical inertness, resistance to wear and oxidation,  
as well as being unaltered by UV rays.
With our latest-generation machinery, we can also sublimate precious metals.

Our complete production chain means we are not tied third parties. 

We can manufacture the complete finished product independently.